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At The Green Door Nursery we work in accordance with best practice to provide an environment in which children feel secure and loved, enjoying all the wonderful things childhood brings; fun, laughter, learning, caring about others and making friends. To help children be confident and independent giving them the best start possible in school and above all take pride in their achievements and enjoy learning.

0-2 Years

Babies are cared for in the front room of the nursery which looks out over the front entrance. For outside play there is a covered area in the back garden, solely for their use, to safely enjoy the garden every day come rain or shine. The nursery works with a higher Educator to child ratio than required for this age group. All Educators working with babies receive training specific to the needs of young children. We truly understand the importance of these first months for both parents and children alike. A time when your child is in a period of rapid growth and ever changing needs. Good parent and nursery communication is essential to providing the very best care. To help both you and your child settle in the nursery, before your very first day, we meet and make up a care plan. Once your child starts you can call or text your child’s Keyperson throughout the day.

2 Years

Two year old children are cared for in the second front room of the nursery which looks out over a small courtyard garden. Children play outside in the garden and a covered decked area at least twice a day, come rain or shine. The nursery provides a higher Educator to child ratio than required, working uniformly across all age groups, implementing learning through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Early learning about sharing with others; caring and making friends with peers; speech; and an understanding of the world, are essential from a very young age and especially for this age group when self-will and increasing independence begins to emerge. Young children have best opportunities to learn in the small group size we offer. Children are offered yoga classes weekly as an extracurricular activity.


Pre-school children are cared for in rooms at the rear of the nursery, with access through patio doors to an outside classroom and garden. We practice free flow and children play between all areas inside and outside throughout the day. Rooms have good natural light with plenty of space to play and to explore activities available to them. British values are incorporated within learning.

The nursery works with higher ratios of Educators and qualifications above the minimum requirement. The garden and outside classroom are in use all year round – rain or shine – being essential for children’s well being and effective learning. Forest School sessions are held weekly by a Forest School Leader for groups of up to seven children at a time. Weekly French classes are also on offer for Preschool children.

Our rich and varied play environment, combined with the skill of Educators, form the basis of learning. Activities centre on children’s interests and are both child and adult led to target specific learning and make an activity more meaningful. All learning is given through play. The nursery is registered with the local authority and offers free hours for children from the age of nine months.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is provided in the back garden, at the rear of the building, and safely behind three gates. There are evergreen shrubs in the garden giving colour all year round and a soft, hygienic play surface. Outdoor play is available throughout each day.

See Forest School

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